Bix Pix, Los Angeles
Kelli Bixler of Bix Pix took her love of classic stop motion into Amazon and came out with the orignal series "TumBleleaf", which won eight Emmys in it's first two years. They also make some mean commercials.
animationHiFi3D, Brooklyn, NY
Directors Jonathan Dorfman and Szymon Weglarski have animated numerous spots under studios such as psyop, blacklist and Framestore, and they bring thier humor and style to live action and effects.
animationHangman, New York City, NY
After great runs at RGA and Nickelodeon Jason Strougo now balances his talents between elegant photoreal tabletop and character creation. His network of international artists gives him unequalled speed and cost effectiveness.
animationMoondog, Charleston, SC
How a bunch of French geniuses led by Jean Marc Khayat and Ben Davis ended up in Charleston is anyone's guess, but they love it here and their EP Bryan Ransom is from heyah. When they are not creating cool characters, they are planning their next giant projection.
animationCharged, Brooklyn
From his start deep inside the madness of MTV's "Celebrity Death Match", director and animator Adam Pierce has maintained his twisted sense of good humor and design in both stop motion and in puppets.
animationCopernicus, Nova Scotia
Up in the great white north, EP Paul Rigg and his geniuses are creating vibrant hybrids of flash and cel animation for the Teen Titans series and music videos for Jack Black, Wierd Al Yankovic and Nelly Fortado.
animationSwitch, Toronto
When your studio's roots grow out of classic hand drawn cel animation, then you usually have a great eye for character and movement. While Yowza continues to rock it in the classic cel world, they have brought this sensitivity to all of their CGI work.