Welcome to the ThinkBank site, where you get to think about a lot of things. To keep it simple, I have broken down what I can do for you into four main worlds. 1. I still loving teaching folk about animation and finding the impossible solutions. 2. I continue to direct organic and honest interviews for the web. 3. I've had the honor of directing some very inspiring documentaries about remembering 911, talking with kids with cancer, meeting with PTSD, and as well as lighter ones about education and following your one's dreaams. 4. With some New York veteran commercial producers now living in Charleston, it is also time to launch Film Charleston, which introduces you to one of the most beautiful and cost effective location spots in America. It's a lot to think about, and when I'm not doing that, I'm hanging with my seven year old daughter Mila.

Henry Hagerty, animation therapist, creative quarterback, interview doctor, and hometown host